Importance of a Logo

Remember your mom teaching you “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well believe it or not your mom can be wrong sometimes (love you mom). Reason being is when it comes to making a decision to trust doing business or using a companies product, we DO make our decision by “its cover”. 

check out example A:

If both gas stations were next to each other, where would you fill up?

Shell_1909 Option A

Shell-Logo-Rebuilding-Iraq Option B


Im pretty sure you chose option B.  Shell is globally known and with their distinctive colors and shell graphic make it recognizable without needing the company name listed. Shell recognized the importance of the logo and over the years they have refreshed and updated their logo frequently to keep with times and stay relevant.


Your logo is a symbol of your company and a quality logo can convey trust in your brand and display your companies values. To do this you need create a logo that is relevant to the business field your in and still stick out from the crowd (in a good way). You have to be careful not make it too trendy if you don’t want to have to constantly every few years to do a update. Your business can drastically change for the good or bad by just the quality of your logo.

For example IHOP had a facelift in 2015 and since the change they reported its strongest second quarter sales in over a decade.



Jcpenny experienced a little different result, since 2011 the company has changed their logo 4 times and in doing so they have damaged their brands identity according to branding surveys JCP logo awareness has dropped 28 percent. Not only have they taken a loss from customers but probably a pretty nice penny they had to spend for each redesign.


So if your starting a new business its vital you find a good designer that understands the pieces that make up a logo and knows how to translate what you want in your logo to start your business on the right foot. If you already run a business and have a logo, its possible you may need a redesign if you feel you haven’t been hitting the goals you feel should be attainable. 

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